The Intimissimi Uomo fall/winter 2019 collection is characterised, as always, by the careful attention paid to the quality of its materials. Defining the season are new items in cotton & cashmere, a natural, noble fibre that’s lightweight, warm and comfortable, making it suitable to any occasion, even worn under a collared shirt.

The family of pieces in merino wool has also been amplified, with the addition of white tones to complete the range of colours.

The brand’s classic pyjamas are enriched by shiny, mercerised fabric, while the all-blue silk satin pyjama set is poised to be the on-trend garment of the collection.

Intimissimi Uomo’s classic, sober side is further complemented by youthful, charming pieces featuring jacquard prints and embroidery in a patchwork of different types of fabric.

Trousers are no longer only offered in lightweight canvas. Instead, different weights and weaves have been added to the collection, from brushed canvas to tricot and chevron jersey.

The collaboration with Disney continues, celebrating the 85th birthday of Donald Duck and the release of The Lion King. In addition, a new collaboration with MARVEL has been added to the list.

 The overall look of the underwear collection boldly stands out for its fun, iconic micro-prints inspired by neckties, once again a defining feature of the brand.

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