Falconeri, the go-to brand for lovers of cashmere and natural yarns, sets out its Manifesto. The story of a dream come true, consisting of five chapters, veritable cornerstones of the Italian brand’s DNA. The foundations of a clear, transparent philosophy, the brand’s challenge has always been to convey a powerful, well-defined message according to which the price is not necessarily proportional to the value of the garment. So with Falconeri, cashmere, the luxury yarn par excellence, becomes affordable thanks to a democratic price policy that never ever sacrifices the extremely high quality of the all-Italian raw materials and workmanship.


We believe in timeless beauty.

In the value of garments to wear and to love.

The discreet charm of cashmere, the epitome of high quality fibres. Falconeri has always been synonymouswith the highest quality for garments exuding a graceful, timeless elegance. A seasonless philosophy applied to designs that transcend passing fashions and current trends, able to combine the pleasure of a deluxe yarn with an affordable, democratic price. Each garment is an investment that lasts a lifetime, free from the diktats of fast fashion. Cutting-edge, all-Italian production, breathing life into garments that are passed on from generation to generation, like treasures to be handed down.


Our secret is a magical combination of high quality natural fibres, Italian craftsmanship and innovative production methods.

Extremely high quality control standards during all stages of production, from the yarn to the finished garment, to guarantee the essential requirements of softness and durability. For each garment, you need the hair of two whole goats, more than an hour of processing using our straight bar weaving machines and over an hour of manual tailoring. The sophisticated, cutting-edge processing technologies used make it possible to produce garments with very few seams, and the use of new straight bar machines mean fabrics can be developed that simulate loom wefts. All using highly specialised personnel trained in Italy who, through linking and finishing works, ensure that each garment reaches the highest quality standards. The tailoring phases of the garments are carried out by skilled workers able to pass on that exceptional craftsmanship inherent in the Italian cultural background. Because Falconeri is a blend of expertise, craftsmanship and technology.


From Mongolian pastures to our stores, we take care of every detail, without intermediaries, respecting the environment and people. From Mongolia to the Avio plant in the province of Trento. The best cashmere fibres come from afar, purchased without intermediaries, to be worked with skill in Italy. Falconeri believes in environmentally-conscious manufacturing, paying constant attention to respect for people and nature. For this reason it supports the CCMI – the Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute(https://www.cashmere.org/), a major international organisation committed to the protection of individuals and the planet: protecting the interests of consumers, manufacturers and retailers maintaining and guaranteeing the integrity of the cashmere. Sustainability is a topic that connects the whole brand philosophy, which has always been interwoven – with cashmere of course – with nature in all its magnificence. From a fibre that is natural and in itself renewable, to a series of projects that go towards keeping the planet in its original state.

Hence the need to sign up to “The Fashion Pact”, a veritable global coalition, a commitment shared by 67 other prestigious companies in the textile and fashion sector to date, to guarantee a more sustainable future for the Earth by focusing on three major topics: climate, oceans and biodiversity.


We believe in the highest quality cashmere at exceptional prices.

Extraordinary products for extraordinary people.

Falconeri Superior Cashmere comes from an exclusive selection of yarns coming directly from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. In particular, the choice falls upon the Duvet fibre, the thinnest and finest down from goats in the East Asian region. This is where two of the brand’s flagship yarns start life: Ultralight 2.50, formed by two threads that are combed and subsequently twisted, guaranteeing extremely high performance in terms of thermoregulation, elasticity and breathability: no fewer than 12 km of fibre are required for a single garment.

Ultrasoft 2.28, for full-volume warm sweaters made of carded yarns composed of two twisted threads: 10 km of thread for a single sweater.

Exceptional but affordable quality, thanks to a competitive pricing policy. Most of the Falconeri Superior Cashmere garments are offered to the public at the price of €149.


This is the evolution of luxury.

This is Falconeri.
Falconeri firmly believes in democratic luxury. Affordable and above all environmentally-conscious, it is able to combine the typical savoir-faire of the “Made in Italy” concept and strategies that respect people and nature. For chic with an evolutionary twist. To give a sustainable and environmentally-conscious choice to more people.

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