The iconic Intimissimi fiber

Intimissimi’s most prized and beloved fiber, Ultralight with Cashmere, returns with new colours for the Spring/Summer 2024 season to pamper every woman.

Comfortable and soft against the skin, Ultralight with Cashmere is the ultimate must-have for every woman’s wardrobe, thanks to the feeling of lightness and warmth it gives. A blend of precious fibers, modal and cashmere, that makes the garments of the line unique and ideal for wear on a variety of occasions: as an undergarment during cold winter days, but especially worn in plain sight, under a jacket, either together with a cardigan or alone.

Classically cut models, with boat necklines but also V-necks or turtlenecks, with or without lace, are reintroduced for the season in a new colour palette that complements staple colours with the season’s trendiest shades, such as Morning Pink, Glowing Green, Dreamy Blue, Glacier Green and Dusty Lily.

The pleasant comfort on the skin, the feminine transparency and the diverse range of styles and colours make Ultralight with Cashmere a unique garment that can be found only at Intimissimi, designed for all women who like to feel comfortable every day, on all occasions.

#intimissimicares project: traceability

“Improving is part of our culture. This is our idea of sustainability.”

 Since its foundation, Intimissimi has made a name for itself not only for the quality and beauty of its garments, but also for its extensive control over the production chain. 94% of the items sold in Intimissimi stores are actually produced by factories owned by the company in Italy and abroad. This decision allows production management to be coordinated with the other phases of the supply chain, ensuring total dedication to brand needs and the elimination of intermediaries. In this way, it is possible to maintain high quality at an affordable price. This business model involves significant investments and the opportunity to offer jobs to a large number of employees, for the benefit of the communities in the towns in which the companies are located. In this way, it is possible to guarantee an excellent working environment inside the factories and respect for the human rights of the people who work there.

This transparent approach is reflected to an even greater extent in the online shop, thanks to the presence of a section titled “traceability” on the product sheet of each garment, featuring the details of the company sites at which it was manufactured. In this way, customers can obtain extensive information about the factory, the production phases, the commitment to issues regarding sustainability and the stories of the people who participated in the production of the items. The union between the brand’s sustainability journey and the supply chain control characteristics have made it possible to take a step forward when it comes to transparency towards customers relating to Intimissimi activities.

Specifically, nightwear items are produced in the Gordon (Serbia), Vavuniya (Sri Lanka) and Zalli (Bulgaria) factories. The garments then arrive at the logistics hub in Vallese (Italy) and go on to be shipped to stores all over the world.

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