Tezenis’ young and unconventional spirit is the leitmotif of the new digital campaign starring the most popular fashion influencers worldwide.

Giulia De Lellis- The Glamorous, Maffashion- The Trendsetter, Lola Indigo-The Artist, Carolina Carvalho-The Actress, Rita Dakota- The Rocker, Stefanie Giesinger-The Model. Tezenis brings together six gorgeous influencers, each with her own skills, talents and distinctive features.

An ironic and irreverent squad, where six talented beauties from all around the globe showcase, each with her own personal and unique style, the brand’s new underwear line that is destined to become the ultimate go-to for the next winter season. A versatile collection that perfectly reflects their eclectic personalities, starting from the Ophelia line, which is all about lace and flocked tulle plumetis.

Russian Tale, the romantic line designed for fashion lovers who are not afraid to dare, is now presented with new lace details and inserts in soft hues of powder pink that perfectly contrast with black, for a strong visual impact. And, lastly, Animal Party, which stands out for its bold zebra print combined with silver glitter inserts on a black background.

Talent, character and a desire to be together are the distinctive features of this project, which brings together this unique “girl crew”, just like the universal feeling of friendship brings together girl squads from all over the planet.

Giulia De Lellis- from Italy https://www.instagram.com/giuliadelellis103/

Maffashion- from Poland https://www.instagram.com/maffashion_official/

Lola Indigo- from Spain https://www.instagram.com/lolaindigomusic/?hl=en

Carolina Carvalho – from Portugal https://www.instagram.com/carol_carvalhosantos/?hl=en

Stefanie Giesinger- from Germany https://www.instagram.com/stefaniegiesinger/?hl=en

Rita Dakota from Russia https://www.instagram.com/ritadakota/?hl=en

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